A Service for Auto Dealers to Receive Wholesale Cash Offers quickly

The Appraisal Lane™ Provides Your Dealership a Cash Offer, Good for 7 Days, 300 Miles

* The Appraisal Lane™ reserves the right to decline to place offers on select vehicles.
** Any Time refers to business hours 8:30am - 6:00pm Eastern

Establishing the Value of a Trade-In can be a Guessing Game

With countless makes, models, conditions, and valuation guides valuing a used car can be risky business

Used Car Guessing Game

Often Inventory Needs to be Liquidated Quickly

No Inventory is exempt from needing to be turned into cash

Fresh Trade-Ins
Fresh Trade-Ins

As customers arrive with Fresh Trade-Ins submit them to The Appraisal Lane™ and receive cash offers in under 10 minutes. Get quick feedback in the form of a cash offer.

Frontline, Aged
Frontline Aged

Move frontline aged units easily. Save on transport costs, transaction fees, etc. The Appraisal Lane™ is committed to giving dealers the best possible market offer good for 7 days.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)
Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)

From high mileage trade-ins, to Certified Pre-Owned vehicles; The Appraisal Lane™ is ready to give you a cash offer, that is more than just another opinion.

The Appraisal Lane iOS App

Our technology puts a high level of expertise at your fingertips, allowing your team to focus on what’s most important…touching more customers and selling more cars.

With The Appraisal Lane™ you can grow your core business while eliminating missed deals and wholesale risk.

Whether you use our service as an aid to structure deals or a means to manage your used vehicle inventory, we put a wealth of market knowledge in your hands.

The Appraisal Lane iOS App

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We invite you to step into The Appraisal Lane™. Download our app to your smartphone or tablet and let The Appraisal Lane™ provide clear answers to a car's value, sending real-time cash offers on any potential trade-ins or aged vehicle inventory.

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